Transforming Bulk
Commodity Logistics
and Trade Settlement

The Blockchain Platform for Bulk Commodity
Logistics and Trade

What is CommChain?

Built by mining industry leaders for the mining industry. CommChain is the digital platform for global bulk commodities trade.

Eliminating the need for archaic paper-based documentation, CommChain’s blockchain-based solution offers a suite of features that enables the digital transformation of logistics and trade settlement.

Increased Data

Value Enhancing
Rapid Settlement Times
Immutable & Secure

Why CommChain?

Immutable and Secure

The CommChain platform is built on blockchain technology which is one of the world’s most secure record keeping systems.

Blockchain provides a timestamped transaction record ensuring all data on the platform is transparent, singular, and secure.

Provenance of Product

The CommChain platform ensures that transactions are immutable and cannot be falsified.

Enhanced provenance tracking capabilities that ensures your commodity has originated from your desired location. This ensures both transparency and security of supply.

Value Enhancing

By the removal of archaic paper-based systems and replacing them with advanced blockchain technology CommChain provides the opportunity to optimise asset utilisation across commodity supply chains.

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Platform trial proves new process

Current trade practices for bulk commodity trading are traditionally paper-based systems with numerous intermediaries. They are archaic, slow and prone to fraud and error.

In 2019, CommChain developed a distributed ledger platform using blockchain technology. It was successfully trialled through four separate coal shipments to Japan. The outcome was a proven blockchain-enabled, end-to-end digital platform for bulk commodity logistics and trade settlement.

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  • Vast experience in technology.
  • Founder and Director of MST Global and Jellinbah Resources.
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