About CommChain

CommChain offers customers a secure digital solution for the execution of logistics services and trade settlement. It enables a private permission-based distributed ledger platform that networks across all participants using advanced blockchain technology.

Embedded processes and smart contracts facilitate the execution of data transfer in the logistics chain and ensures accurate and secure processing of trade settlements.

Digitizing the Commodity Trading Industry


Over a long time we have witnessed the costly disadvantages of the existing cumbersome, paper-based system for commodity trading. Upon seeing the proven success of blockchain technology in other industries and discussing the potential of this technology with stakeholders in the commodity trading industry, it was immediately clear that this digital solution was inevitable and an ideal use case.”

– Gary Zamel

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Co Founder & Chairman
  • 40+ years of building and leading companies.
  • Vast experience in technology.
  • Founder and Director of MST Global and Jellinbah Resources.