Trading Solution

The CommChain Trade Settlement Offering is a proactive response to global disruption.
The solution cuts out the paper, eliminates the need for courier and increases the speed of data transfer so that the process of trade settlement can be achieved faster than ever with blockchain enabled security.

Solving Industry Challenges

The CommChain Trade Settlement Offering improves efficiency and liquidity for companies as the speed and accuracy of information will lead to optimised asset utilisation on the supply chain and faster payments.

Buyers and Sellers can network directly to draft and finalise digital Contracts of Carriage using a blockchain platform.

Parties such as Shipowners are able to release digital Contracts of Carriage instantly and Laboratories can provide their vessel quality results in a secure and immutable environment.

What CommChain Offers


The CommChain solution demonstrates a unique application to facilitate transparency in supply chain systems, and delivers an immutable secure environment when compared to existing systems.


The CommChain solution improves compliance outcomes as it keeps track of the steps required in complex bulk commodity logistics and trade settlement processes.


CommChain enables third parties to participate and collaborate in a ledger without geographical restrictions and data privacy limitations.


CommChain is enabling a future whereby producers, consumers and investors can more accurately understand, compare, and further optimise the benefit of their commodity transaction and accounting along the export value chain.

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